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" Attending Preschool Programs at the library is a good way to meet
other children in the community that your children will grow up with. 
My son went to preschool and kindergarten with a lot of the kids we
met here."  Leya, Josiah and Cali Leighton.
"The Wells Public Library is a dependable, quiet place to study." 
Ray Calabro
" I have many varied interests and the Wells Public Library is always
able to meet my needs.  If I can't find what I want, I just request it and
usually have it within a week.  The librarians are very friendly and
helpful as well."  Jill Trottier
"Thank God for the computers at the Wells Public Library.  I use them
to find accessories for my model airplane hobby, and to stay connected
with other enthusiasts.  Because of the library's computers, I can spend
my money on my hobby instead of on a computer."  Mark Higgins
"I drive to Boston several times a week, all year, and always listen to books
on tape. The Wells library has a great selection of books on tape as well as the ability to order any tapes or cd's that I may request through the Minerva system. I am in the library all of the time picking out novels to read as well as cd's for listening in the car."  Kristie Rutter
"I've always liked libraries.  Whenever my husband and I travelled we
would always check out the local library.  I think it's great that the Wells
Public Library has puzzles for people to do, especially for those who are
retired.  They are fun and a lost art."  Priscilla Poore
"For me, the library has been a place to come to meet people and
also to learn things.  I like to come to volunteer to repair the books,
it keeps them going and in the hands of people to read."
"This library is such a cultural asset to the whole area!  I especially
cherish the art shows at the Ethel M. Weymouth Art Gallery.  Every
first Saturday of the month, I attend the openings where I enjoy meet-
ing the artist of the month, and I listen to, and participate in, a discussion
of the work being shown.  That experience is most valuable in gaining
a deeper understanding of the work.  And returning again and again
further enriches the artistic impact. 
The artists themselves have benefited from exhibiting at the gallery:
they sell their work there, and often have been invited to exhibit at
private galleries in the area, extending their renown.
I feel so grateful and adoring of the efforts, results and rewards of the
library's devotion and dedication!"  Joe Mauro

"I don't know what I would do without the library.  I would rather be without food
than a book to read."  Larry Hickman

"We've been coming here since our oldest daughter Chaya was a baby and
now she is 7 1/2.  We've been visiting the library once a week for 7 years and we participate in everything.  The Summer Reading Program is awesome!
Chaya would stand in her crib when she was only 1 and sing all the songs and do the finger movements we sang at the Mother Goose program.  And it's
all free!  That's the great part."  Kim Lord

"I like the casualness of the library and that you don't have to register for the preschool programs or worry about coming in late.  It's very welcoming.  I like that the programs happen every week and not part of a series of weeks with breaks in between.  It's nice to have a strong public library community for the kids and to have the programs you offer."  Sarah Tavares